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B an D Video Productions
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Our Services

This is our opportunity to list and describe the different services we offer.

Here's an example of a format we might use to list and describe our services.

* Wedding Videos

At B an D Video we strive to give you a cherished keepsake of your special day. Your wedding video will start with a special photo graphic, then a photomontage of the bride and groom from infancy to present day pictures of the engaged couple. These photos are set to the music, that you provide, telling the story that has brought you to this momentous occasion. The opening photomontage concludes with several scenes of credits listing all of the participants in the wedding party and finally the invitation to the wedding. At this point the actual wedding video begins.

Our coverage of your wedding begins at the church. We normally use three to four cameras located throughout the church. We try to remain as inconspicuous as possible so as to not distract from your wedding. We work within the constraints of the church where the wedding is being held, this is what dictates the camera angles, where permitted, we use a remote control camera to capture the wedding party as they process to the altar.

The actual ceremony is produced as a live edit (similar in process to any live TV broadcast). This enables us to keep our costs lower, as there is no expensive post-event editing required. The groom is wired with a cordless microphone so those important vows are clearly heard and preserved on the video.

We also tape all of the important happenings at the reception. When the evening is done we can give you a copy of the wedding immediately - NO WAITING (unless multiple copies are desired).

For a nominal additional fee we will put the entire video on DVD, as well as produce additional copies for your relatives.

As an additional service we may take candid shots with a digital camera or grab scenes from the actual ceremony and post them on our web page, in a secure area, so that your family and friends may view some of these before the wedding photographer’s formal shots are ready.

* Anniversary Montages

this momentous anniversary date. This can be set to music for added effect using music of the various times reflected in the photos or the favorite type of music the anniversary couple enjoy.

The video can take on even more meaning by captioning the pictures or including a narrative performed by family members.

This is a moving keepsake guaranteed to recall many great memories form their life together. This will be a treasure chest of family history for generations to come.

* Parties

* Corporate Events 

* Photo, slide and home movie conversion to Video tape or DVD.

Weddings Our Specialty